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We bring a world of purity and goodness for you and your loved ones. Get access to the purest and safest water with our state-of-the-art water purifiers custom made for the Indian household.

Our Story

Aquatec Plus is today one of the leading suppliers of water purifiers in India. Our core competence lies in optimizing drinking water technology and aiming for its perfection. We have always considered it our responsibility to make the purest and safest water accessible to all. We are shaping countless lives everyday to provide India with a brighter and sustainable future.

About Aquatec Plus


We aim to offer the best possible drinking water experience and alleviate the benchmark for water safety standards.


Our vision is to offer our customers with sustainable drinking water solutions and become a popular household name for purity.


Responsibility & Trust for clients, Team spirit & Respect among our peers and Openness to emerging technologies.

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